REDCO LTD specializes in Building and Civil Construction
project delivery using procurement methods such as: Competitive construction, Design-Build (EPC/Turnkey), and Management Contracting.

REDCO project types are cross-sector: Private, Government and NGOs. They include:
Office Buildings
Retail [Market Places, Supermarkets]
Industrial Buildings [Factories, Warehouses, and etc.]
Multi Story Car Parks (PEB Steel)
Residential Houses
All Type of Cold Storage/Rooms
Institutional Buildings [Primary & Secondary Schools, Clinic, Primary Health Center, Hospital)
Rural roads (feeder road), Urban & Highway Drainage works
Standard and customised Prefab Mobile office,
High Voltage Electrical (Power Generation, Transmission Line, Substations, Distribution)
UN/Military Accommodation House using PPGI-K-span roofing, LGSF, and Security Fencing.

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