REDCO extends expertise in short and mid-term housing property, particularly focusing on, construction of new and rehabilitation of existing buildings that meet community development objectives as well as demand and priority of government, occupiers and private investors.

In our areas of operation, REDCO focuses on development of affordable housing for families, civil servants, and seniors; in combination with mixed use neighborhoods serving businesses. REDCO LTD stakeholders in property developments are:

The Clients / customers/end user (Private or Government).
The Investor (Private).
The Contractor/ The Project Management / Developer (REDCO).
The Mortgage provider (Banks).
The Land owners (REDCO, Government, or Investors).

The REDCO approach is holistic in nature – from concept, initial design, finance, construction, sales, marketing, and distribution.

We also go further to assist with legal documentation like tittle deeds and any other applicable frameworks, on case-by-case basis.

In a quest to design and build units that suit specific target market needs, REDCO works in conjunction with Private Investors, Banks, and Government for effective identification of ultimate locations.

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