Since 2010, REDCO true to its vision was integral part of development program of countries where we operate. REDCO specialized in Civil & Building Construction operating across Africa and Middle East with key global strategic partners. By End 2019 REDCO added a new portfolio to its core business inline its vision under the brand name of “REDCO POWER”

REDCO POWER has offices in Dubai, U.A.E., Kampala, Uganda, Abidjan Cote D’Ivoire, Juba South Sudan & Freetown Sierra Leone. REDCO POWER approach is to integrate and electrify rural Africa villages, supply a reliable power source to customers including commercial clients with reduced energy costs overtime by using Onsite Generation Through Solar PV.

REDCO POWER will be an Engineering, Procurement and Contracting company by developing solar system solutions with the best product range available in the market. Its role involves design, installation, commissioning, training and technical support. REDCO POWER solar solutions extends up to 2MW range of solar power.

The unique feature of REDCO POWER is its partnership with ECHOSOLAR. ECHOSOLAR produces Germany Certified solar panels with a warranty of 25 years. Its PV Modules are manufactured at the highest levels in Dubai, UAE with state of the art, highly automated Italian manufacturing machines having elevated feature and unsurpassed performance. ECHO SOLAR 4 & 5 bus-bar crystalline silicon PID free modules rated output ranging from 40W – 400W with variable voltage ratings. ECHO SOLAR sources high-performance multi/mono-crystalline silicon solar cells from leading international suppliers to provide maximum energy throughput & long-term reliability.

REDCO POWER aims at delivering cost effective, efficient and reliable solar systems in Africa. So far REDCO POWER is operating in Ivory Coast, Niger, Sierra Leon, Togo, Uganda, and South Sudan. REDCO POWER has experienced professionals in solar systems, power systems and project management.

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